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Pro's Day | The Results

If Carlsberg did Pro's Day...........................

.....Whilst the first golfers tee'd off in the morning struggling to see their balls with the low mist and with woolly hats on to keep them cosy, the day quickly turned into one of the nicest of the year so far.....With little wind and the sun shining all day, we couldn't have asked for a better day to host the Pros Day Event. The Course, as always, was in tip top condition and a huge thanks to Phil and his Team who have presented the course wonderfully all season long.

If Carslberg did Golf Club Members.....

What can I say.....we had pretty much a full field with 94 Pairs taking part in the Better Ball Format. I really hope you all enjoyed the event and had fun with other Members and Guests. I have to say a huge thank you to all the Members who took part in the Event and who have supported me since becoming your Club Professional, especially during this last year with the surreal situation with the pandemic.

So now to the results.......

With prizes for the Top Ten Pairs. The Prizes Winners and their scores are listed below. For a full list of the results, please scroll down......

The Prize Winners

1st - Phil Watson & David Watson | Score 57

2nd - Iain Beaton & Gordon Parfitt | Score 60 ( countback last 9 - 27)

3rd - Derek Smith & Bryan Adam | Score 60 (countback last 6 - 16)

4th - David Hamilton & John Scott Hamilton | Score 60 (Countback last 6 - 18)

5th - Liam Mitchell & Michael Johnson | Score 60 (Countback last 6 - 19)

6th - Vince Kaczmarek & Dave Masson | Score 60 (countback last 9 - 30)

7th - Ian Mutten & Andy Lamont | Score 60 (Countback last 9 - 31)

8th - Mike Burns & Scott Mitchell | Score 61 (Countback last 9 - 28)

9th - Phil Don & Zac Don | Score 61 (Countback last 9 - 30)

10th - Fraser Laird & Thomas Simons | Score 61 (Countback last 9 - 33)

Winners Nearest the Gin.........I mean, Pin

3rd Hole - Bottle of Carounn Gin - Iain Beaton

10th Hole - Bottle of Hendricks Gin - Malcolm Craig

13th (nearest pin in two shots) - Bottle of Brockmans Gin - Darren Smith

14th - Bottle of The Botanist Gin - Liam Mitchell

18th - Bottle of Whitley Neil Gin - Paul Dundee

Longest Drive - 15th Hole - Dozen Titleist Tour Speed Balls - Jamie Nicolas

Winner of the Limited Edition US Open Titleist Tour Bag

The Winner of the Limited Edition US Open Titleist Tour Bag is


We also added a few more prizes to the raffle. The winners of which can be seen below

1 dozen Taylor Made Pix Balls | Hannah Bycroft

1 x KGC Headcover | David Johnston

1 x SHG Gift Box | Lee Calderwood

Pros Day Full Results
Download PDF • 119KB

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Pro's Day Results

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