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Get expert tuition using our state of the art indoor studio


Indoor Simulator play with The Golf Club 2019...

Our Performance Studio offers indoor Game Simulation. We have a choice of over 170,000 courses to play with your friends socially, or work on your own on things like course management, Par 3 strategy and scoring efficiently. With 18 holes manageable in 1 hour on your own, its a great way to get a round in if you are pushed for time or when the dark nights take hold during the winter months.

The Golf Club Simulator offers The high resolution, high performance graphics system allows players to move in real-time around the course, with screen resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. All that’s missing is the wind blowing in your face. 


In addition to the unparalleled option to play over 170,000 courses in a stunning, high-definition environment, TGC 2019 offers real-life physics contributing to the life-like perspective that has become synonymous with ​“The Golf Club.”


£30 per hour (divided by number of players Max 4 players)


Practice like a Pro...

The performance studio offer the ideal environment to practice your game.  We use the SkyTrak which is a camera-based launch monitor that captures high-speed images of the ball immediately after impact. The images captured are used to measure parameters necessary to render shot shape and carry distance.

SkyTrak accurately captures, displays and contrasts your ball flight data. Key measurement parameters include: ball speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin, side spin, side angle and more.  All of which can be saved so you can track your data



Expert tuition in a comfortable and relaxed environment, whatever the weather...

Teaming our professional coaches with our state of the art technology means you'll be able to monitor your progress, capturing information such as shot data, distance, club speed, ball speed, launch, spin and smash factor.


Giving you clear guidelines on what you need to work on and how to improve.



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